What is the best value for shipping Fickle Pickle® products?

Our minimum order is 3 jars but ordering 6 or more will give you the best value because you are averaging the freight between the quantity of jars. Fickle Pickles® are good for up to 18 months. A shipping calculator to view your rates is located on the lower portion of the cart screen.

Do you ship your pickles to countries outside of the United States?

Yes!  We do ship internationally, but international orders cannot be placed online.  For international orders, please call us at 877-249-9306.

What is the difference between original and extra spicy?

Fickle Pickles® are a combination of sweet, crunchy and spicy. Extra spicy just has a little more of a kick. People that like spicy food will want the extra spicy.

Why is there a red X on my jar lid?

Jars with a red X are the extra spicy variety.

Is the date on my Fickle Pickles® jar the expiration date?

No, our products are manufactured with a born on date. Fickle Pickles® will be good 18 months after the date on the jar.

What are the ingredients?

Cucumber, sugar, garlic, vinegar, red pepper, salt, preservatives, sodium benzoate

Can I order a combination of different size jars?

If you would like to order a combination of sizes that you can’t get on the website, just give us a call!  We’ll be more than happy to fill your custom combination orders over the phone.