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Fickle Pickles in Gruene, TX

Feel like kickin’ the day off with a sweet little spice? Try out Fickle Pickles. Tucked behind a vine-filled trellis, you will discover a family-owned jewel that offers a proper Texas welcome. After more than a quarter of a century of pickling, Fickle Pickles product is now produced in their kitchen located in Boerne, TX.

Well settled into written fame, the late Billie A. Shaw, who was fondly referred to as “The Pickle Lady,” began jarring these savory, crunchy gems and quickly made a big name for her family recipe. Still using one single and successful family recipe, Fickle Pickles has swooned the pages of Southern Living, Texas Monthly and has even graced the stage at a live episode of The Martha Stewart Show.

Today, you can find samples and jars of the spicy and sweet slice, right in the heart of Gruene.

Jars of Crunchy Goodness - The Austinot

Jars of crunchy goodness

Bonus insight that will make your day trip date a definite score: during the busiest and most beautiful time of year, park in the free lot where Fickle Pickle and many other businesses are located. It’s down the block from the center of town and you can find, coffee, smoothies, antiques and much more before you take the walk down the street.

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